Leadership Committees

The Church Session provides overall leadership, and the pastor and staff manage the daily operations. The rest of the business of the Church is run by these committees. See the church calendar for dates and times of committee meetings.

Building and Grounds

Jim Nussbaumer*, Mel Causer, Michael Moon, Dennis Jacobs, Dot Rohrbaugh, Bill Solms – Staff Support provided by Pastor Chris Davis

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for all aspects of our property maintenance. This includes the building inside and out as well as all aspects of our ground. Grounds includes the parking lot and lighting, physical landscaping, and irrigation. Building aspects include electrical, network, sound system, plumbing, painting, appliances, air conditioning and heating, utilities and insurance.

Columbarium Committee

Bill Smith*, Jan Boatman (Session representative), Verlene Thorp – Staff Support provided by Pastor Chris Davis

The Columbarium Committee is appointed by Session. The committee oversees maintenance and operation of the grounds and equipment and ordering nameplates, urns, and engraving. The Columbarium is for the inurnment of cremated remains of members of PCCR. Use by others is allowed by recommendation of the committee and approval by Session. The Columbarium is financially secure and is sustained by sales income; no income comes from the Church budget.

Communications Committee

Peter Plaut*, Meredith Ishida, Terry Brigham, Mike Warren – Staff Support provided by Meredith Ishida

The communications committee assists the office staff in managing the church website (pccrusa.org), preparing the monthly newsletter, advertising in local newspapers and the visitor center, maintaining the church Facebook page, and compiling and publishing the picture directory.

Finance Committee

Bob Holcomb*, Jack Boatman, Jay Harroff, Michael Moon, Ginny Page, Mike Warren, Steve Wilson – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis and Carolyn Hull

The Finance Committee is charged with the accounting, budgeting, revenue, and expense control of the church. This committee proposes to the Session budget and stewardship programs that will maximize the value of the various income sources. On a monthly basis, this committee provides a financial condition report to both the Session and the congregation.


Mike Warren*, Susan Landers, Dan Scace, Stan Schaffer, Audrey TeSelle – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis and Carolyn Hull

The Foundation was formed to carry out the purposes of the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies.  Foundation Funds may be used for any legitimate church purpose except normal operational budget expenses or expenditures which would reduce the Foundation’s permanent endowment. Foundation funds are separate from the church operations budget and are professionally managed by the First National Bank of Omaha. The Foundation Board meets with the First National Bank of Omaha on a quarterly basis to review investment results.

Membership and Hospitality

Judy Schaffer (Session Representative), Lois Ellingwood, Kelley Anderson, Amy Fox, Anne Jacobs, Carolyn Kramer, Kathye Osborne, Diane Palmer, Judy Portman, Catherine Schafer, Diane Scruton, Kathy Sherrod, Grace Stephen, Audrey TeSelle, Jane Verm, Deborah Webb, Carol Whiteneck – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis.

The Membership and Hospitality Committee is where PCCR fun begins. This committee makes every effort to design activities that gather our whole church family together for fun and fellowship. From Pie Socials to Harvest Festivals and from All-Church Picnics to Palm Sunday Brunches, these tireless members create an atmosphere of inclusion, laughter, and love. We never get tired and we are always up for something new to try with all our PCCR friends. We work diligently to bring new faces to PCCR and we are the first to welcome new members and guests. We work to make the spiritual experience at PCCR a fabulous one for members and visitors alike.

Mission and Outreach

Lisa Plaut*, Karen Daugherty, Curtis Fox (Session Representative), Betty Meyer (scribe), Carol Nussbaumer, Dave Thomas, Pat Waltermire, Evelyn Wilson – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis.

The purpose of the Mission and Outreach Committee is “to inform, involve and excite the congregation about mission.” Internationally the committee supports 2 co-mission teams in Africa and Peru. With our giving to the PC/USA Special Offerings we support a broad range of projects, and in the Estes Valley we work with local agencies to care for our neighbors. The congregation is involved with hands-on projects and educational sessions.

Personnel Committee

Jan Boatman*, Nancy Almond, Barb Cole, Jim Jonell, Robert Sherrod, Pat Waltermire – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis

The Personnel Committee works with the Pastor, who is the Head of Staff, on personnel matters including hiring, job descriptions, annual reviews, and budget recommendations. The committee prepares the Annual Terms of Call for the Pastor, which is approved by the congregation, and also prepares and maintains church policies pertaining to personnel matters.

Worship and Music Committee

Dot Rohrbaugh*, Kent Dannon, Dave Evans, Kent Meyer, Stan Osborne – Staff support provided by Pastor Chris Davis, Rich Dixon, Patti Dolezal, Larry Gillum

The Worship and Music Committee is an advisory committee to the Session and the pastoral and music staff, tasked to review and offer suggestions for weekly worship, and assist the planning of special services as needed.  We maintain church policy on weddings, memorials, and maintenance and use of musical instruments.  We coordinate ushers and their responsibilities, and oversee the budget for upkeep of bells, pianos, organ, and purchase of music and supplies.

*Committee Chair