Leadership Committees

The Church Session provides overall leadership, and the pastor and staff manage the daily operations. The rest of the business of the Church is run by these nine committees:

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee supports church operations by managing all major maintenance and capital improvement programs for the church facility. This includes identifying needs, budgeting, organizing work parties, and contracting with local firms. Recent activities have entailed conduct of a capital needs study, replacement of major plumbing fixtures and infrastructure, upgrading of lighting and electric systems, remodel of the church’s kitchen, and roof repairs. The committee also manages the computer equipment and electronic systems infrastructure for the church building.

Christian Education Committee

Christian Education coordinates and supports the various education and Christian development programs that are hosted by the church. The committee also provides volunteer resources for the staff Director of Christian Education, manages the nursery and child care service as needed to support adult-oriented church services and activities, and provides liaison to the Highlands Camp. Education programs include an online Bible study, several group Bible classes held at the church, Contemporary Christian Writers meetings, youth confirmation programs, and a summer Vacation Bible School. The Vacation Bible School welcomes children from throughout the community.

Columbarium Committee

The Columbarium Committee operates the church’s columbarium, which is located on church property to the east of the main sanctuary building. The columbarium has both wall niches and ground plots. The church changes a modest fee for the space, marker, engraving and setting.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee’s major responsibilities include communications with church members, with the Estes Park community, and with the wider public including visitors to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. The committee coordinates the “brand” or “appearance” of all church communications, including publications, handouts, print and electronic media and other items such as T-shirts and badges that display the church identification. The committee managed development of a new logo for the church that was introduced in 2017. The committee publishes a monthly newsletter that is sent out by both postal and electronic mail to church members and anybody who asks to be placed on the circulation list. A major function is development and maintenance of the church’s website, pccrusa.org. That current website is entirely new as of 2017. The committee also manages a Facebook page for the church, prepares and distributes an information brochure about the church, and produces and places advertisements for the church in local and regional publications.

Finance Committee

The finance Committee works with the Pastor, the Session and the Financial Secretary to manage the church’s finances. The committee also administers the Stewardship program. The Finance Committee is made up of volunteers from the congregation. The committee meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 9:30 AM in the church library and all church members are invited to observe.

Each year the finance committee develops an operating budget and presents this to the church’s governing body, the Session, for approval. As the giving commitments are made, the expense requests may be adjusted upward or downward with the goal of a balanced budget. If a balanced budget is not reasonably attainable, the Finance Committee may recommend to the Ruling Elders that the deficit be taken from the operating reserves currently being held, at interest.

Monthly, the Finance Committee monitors the revenue and expenses and projects a year ending excess or deficit. The monthly financial information is published in the newsletter and available on this website. Should the actual expenses vary substantially from budget, the Finance Committee may adjust the expense requests from one or more of the committees to maintain the projected year-end balance.

In concert with the budgeting process, the Finance committee develops and implements a yearly stewardship program. This program is a series of letters from the Finance Committee Chairperson and the Pastor to encourage pledge giving by members of the congregation. The giving commitments are returned to the Financial Secretary who serves as a staff resource to the Finance Committee. Amounts that are pledged and given by individual church members are kept confidential, and are only known to the Financial Secretary.

Membership and Hospitality Committee

The goal of the Membership and Hospitality Committee is to enhance the member and visitor experience by creating a welcoming and participatory atmosphere that will allow personal and spiritual growth. The activities include providing follow-up (via mail, email, or telephone) or greeting gift bags to first time or infrequent visitors to our worship services and participating in new member orientation classes. We organize and implement Sunday Fellowship Coffee time, all-church events such as pot-luck dinners, picnics, and Harvest Festival. We also assist other church committees with special events.

Mission and Outreach Committee

The Mission and Outreach Committee is responsible for managing funds designated for several groups and agencies. Funds come from offerings of the congregation, special offerings through the year and the occasional extra giving from individuals. We strive to spread support among local, regional and national/international organizations and see part of our job as informational as we try to educate the congregation about where their money is going, why and what it is doing on their behalf. The overall outreach program totals more than $50,000 in annual giving.

Personnel Committee

The church’s governing body, the Session, supervises the activities of the church’s Pastor. In turn, the Pastor hires and manages the church’s staff, all of whom are part-time employees. The Personnel Committee works with the Pastor to ensure a positive working environment for all church employees, and serves as a resource and advisor for the Pastor in all employment matters. The committee works to ensure adequate compensation and recommends salary levels to the Finance Committee as part of the annual budget process. The committee reports to the Session and advises the Session on personnel issues.

Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music Committee supports these areas of church operations: 1. Care, repair and upkeep of organ, pianos, hand bells; 2. Maintenance, repair and replacement of sound system; 3. Ordering and purchasing Easter and Christmas flowers; 4. Scheduling and arranging for organ and other musical recitals sponsored by PCCR and providing for a reception afterward; 5. Providing for worship materials such as banners, candle oil, etc.