“Our” mission co-worker in Malawi, Jeremy Garbat-Welch, joined us via Zoom for Fellowship hour on May 3rd. Jeremy had been planning to visit PCCR in person in May and will be here on May 10 via Zoom and a recorded message. Jeremy serves in one of the poorest countries in the world (his wife, Luta serves in 3 countries!). They proclaim the gospel of Jesus the Christ by their presence and willingness to be among the poorest of the poor.

Don’t forget to join the Zoom Sunday worship service on May 10th for a message from Jeremy.

In case you’ve forgotten, PCCR helps support the Garbat-Welch family through a quarterly donation — which is funded by YOUR tithes and offerings.   We also support Chenoa Stock in her ministry in Peru.  Your gifts make a difference! Here’s a convenient way to support them – click on this link to contribute through our church website: (follow the instructions noted in green for making a designated offering).


March 14, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As the Prophet Isaiah reminds us: “… do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you….” (Isaiah 41:10)

The Session of PCCR met today for a special meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to explore how the church can respond to the COVID-19 New Coronavirus Pandemic. As you may know, scientists and medical folks are working around the clock to find better ways to test for the virus and for the longer term, to find a vaccine. In the meantime, your Session made some decisions that will be regularly evaluated as time goes on and as we watch the virus’s movement in Estes Park, in Colorado, in the U.S., and around the world.

Beginning immediately, we will be suspending all worship services, music rehearsals, fellowship activities inside and outside the church, Bible Studies, and meetings for PCCR and outside groups who use the facility. We are taking these steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our members and friends. Again, we will be monitoring the situation closely and adjusting our protocols as necessary.

In the meantime, I am exploring alternative ways for us to worship and reach out to one another. I will begin by working with our Deacons and Elders to build a caring tree where our spiritual leaders will have a group of members/friends with whom they will be in regular contact. I will be exploring and implementing new ways for us to worship and fellowship as a community while not physically gathering as community. At this time, I am not certain what these worship services will look like, but I encourage you to be patient and open to exploration of new worship activities. We will incorporate times of prayer, music, and reflection. At this moment, I am not sure what mediums we will be using, but it will be something such as YouTube, recordings, and perhaps live stream. We are also exploring new ways of fellowship through group chats. Rest assured, you will receive updates and instructions on how all of this will work via email, mail, and the church website.

Even though we won’t be physically together for worship, we will be together in spirit as we walk through this together. I know that this is a lot to absorb and overwhelming. The measures we are taking are meant to look after both the physical and spiritual health of the congregation.

The office will be open for phone calls and information. Feel free if you need to reach out to our staff or to me.  You can look forward to further contact with me and with our Elders and Deacons through the duration of this situation. We realize that there will be needs for supplies (like toilet paper!!) and assistance for some folks. We will do our very best to reach out and assist folks as we embrace being a community of faith in a non-traditional way.

I closed our session meeting with this blessing, and now I share it with each of you. “May the peace of the Lord Christ go with us, wherever He may send us. May He guide us through the wilderness, protect us through the storm. May he bring us home rejoicing, at the wonders He has shown us. May He bring us home rejoicing once again into our doors.”

Grace and Peace,


Pastor Michael Moore