Church Logo

The church logo is a combination of a graphic and the printed name of the church. The graphic is set to the left of the design and shows a stylized Christian cross with three vertical and horizontal stems. The cross sits on a profile of hilly terrain, against a backdrop of the Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak mountains, viewed through an arched window. The cross and the hilly terrain that grounds the cross are red. The left and top ends of the cross project slightly beyond the window frame. The window frame is dark blue. The mountains are in two shades of blue that are lighter than the frame, with white highlights for clouds, snowfields and the sky. Printed to the right of the graphic, in dark blue type, is the name of the church.

The logo consists of the unified graphic and name of the church. The graphic and the name are to be used together, just as depicted above. The logo is a unified symbol, in the colors, proportions, type face and arrangement shown here. No changes may be made to the type face of the name, placement of the name to the right of the graphic, or the size of the type with respect to the graphic. The graphic should not be reversed, the name should not be moved to the other side or below the graphic, nor should there be any changes to the colors. The church name must not be deleted from the logo, and some other font substituted, or the name placed in a different part of the page, as such changes are unauthorized revisions to the symbol that represents Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies. In a special case, subject to advance approval of the church, the graphic can be used alone, such as for a lapel pin, but these uses will be the exception.

The logo is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without obtaining authorization from the church. The church grants permission to church members to reproduce the logo as shown here (and only as specifically shown here and in accordance with the stated guidelines) on printed and electronic material used for church publicity and church activities, and for display on articles of clothing such as T shirts, sweat shirts and hats. When so used, the logo must be reproduced in full color and in the proportions and colors shown here (note that this requires white color where white is shown in the logo graphic; substituting the color of the paper or background cloth is not allowed). Please contact the church office for the appropriate graphic image file, which is available in several file formats, including vector art.