PCCR Foundation

The PCCR Foundation is an endowment fund that was established to meet the present and future capital needs of the church. Over the last few years, it has funded kitchen improvements, parking lot repairs, roof repairs, chancel choir renovations, organ renovation, sanctuary lighting, new flooring and reupholstering.

The Foundation corpus is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteers from the congregation and reports to the Ruling Elders. The Foundation Board meets quarterly and term of office is 3 years with no term limits. The Financial Secretary is the staff resource to the Board of Directors.

Assets from the Foundation may be used for any legitimate church expense except for salaries. Typical uses are capital items which are beyond the financial resources of the operating budget.

Currently the Foundation is running a five-year fund raising campaign to increase the resources to a level that can earn sufficient income to ensure that the physical facility of the church will be maintained in first class condition in perpetuity. This effort is the Vision 2020 Campaign.