Latest News

News about church activities is available in several forms. The church calendar can be found under EVENTS and on the home page of this website. The weekly bulletin is printed and distributed at Sunday worship services. It includes the order of worship for that day, along with announcements concerning activities and individuals. That same bulletin is available here. The link to WEEKLY BULLETIN shows the inside pages of the printed bulletin, covering the order of worship, the hymns for the service, and the people who will participate. The link to LATEST NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS publishes the announcements that are printed on the final page of the bulletin, plus other items of interest. New material is added as it becomes available. The older material stays on the website as reference information. The church publishes a monthly newsletter that is distributed by both postal and electronic mail. The newsletter is also available here. The latest newsletter and several prior editions can be viewed under the NEWSLETTER quick link. Especially noteworthy activities and programs come up periodically. Information about these will be distributed through multiple means, including posting to this site under the quick link for ITEMS OF SPECIAL INTEREST.