Sunday Activities Beyond Church Services

There is a lot going on at the church. Please check the events listings for the latest activities, and take a look at the Get Involved part of the website for opportunities for fellowship and Christian education. Of special note are the education and growth opportunities on Sundays that are in addition to the regular church services. Here are some highlights.

Journeys Class 

As the 21st century arrived, Issues [adult church school] Class had been a long-standing part of PCCR, meeting around a large table in the church library on Sunday mornings.  In the late summer of 2005, a new adult study curriculum called Living the Questions became available.  The resource invitation read: “Explore a kind of Christianity that makes sense today.  Living the Questions provides the theological grounding, rationale, and vocabulary to help you articulate the foundations of Progressive Christianity.”

The Class name was soon changed to Journeys to more accurately reflect the exploration.  A welcome folder affirms: “Journeys is an adult church school class for faith-traveling partners who are at various places along the Way in their quest for spiritual maturity…The Class offers an experience in ecumenical theological education.”  Also viewed as spiritual formation, participants anticipate “a process, not a product; a journey, not a destination; intentional, transformational and relational; and a life-long quest.”

The Class gathers each Sunday morning at 8:15 in the church library with the one-hour study session beginning at eight-thirty.  All faith-traveling persons are welcome to join the journey.