Wedding Policy


Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies (PCCR) PCUSA, was thoughtfully designed and built to create a worshipful atmosphere with beautiful mountain views. The Sanctuary can accommodate up to 250 people, and the smaller indoor chapel is suitable for gatherings of about 20 people. The outdoor chapel is also available for groups of 50 or less. The facility is available for use by members of our congregation, as well as non-members.


Call the church office (970-586-4404) to confirm the availability of the date and time you desire for the wedding, then submit a completed Wedding Reservation Form (click here) to the church. A deposit amount of half of the wedding fees is due in the church finance office two weeks prior to the wedding date. In the event the wedding is canceled, the deposit will be returned. Please note that wedding receptions may not be held at the church unless the wedding is also held at the church.

Planning the Ceremony

Guest Pastors or wedding officiants other than the PCCR Pastor will coordinate ceremony details with the PCCR Pastor. The PCCR Pastor is not required to participate in the ceremony itself, but may be invited to participate if the couple desires.

  • The wedding couple must present a valid Colorado Marriage License no later than the wedding
  • Only bubbles are allowed outside the building as the wedding party exits
  • No alcohol or smoking of any type is allowed at the church


The Pastor who officiates at your wedding will set the terms of use of photography and videography.


An organist from the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies will provide music for the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the bride to contact the organist and make arrangements. The organist will help with appropriate music selections. Requests for specific music, vocalists, or other musicians should be coordinated with the organist at least two months before the wedding date.


Floral and other decorations should fit the solemnity of the occasion. Arrange their delivery with the church liaison. The florist or another person must remove the decorations immediately after the wedding. Candles are appropriate for weddings, and only non-drip candles, votive, or hurricane lamps with drip cups may be used. The sanctuary furniture may not be moved. However, the Communion table may be pushed back to provide space for the wedding party.

Church Liaison

A member of the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies will be designated as the liaison between the church and the wedding party, and will assist with wedding preparations. The liaison represents the church for the purpose of providing guidelines for the wedding ceremony, rehearsal, and reception. All attempts to honor the bride’s wishes will be explored, unless they conflict with church policy. The bride and the church liaison will meet prior to the rehearsal to review all details, including scheduling, opening and closing of the church building, use of any equipment and rooms, and answering any questions that arise. Contact the church office for further information and scheduling at 970-586-4404.

Wedding Fees

Please contact the church to discuss fees for use of the facilities.
The deacons can assist in finding a local caterer, if needed.