Pastoral Care and Stephen Ministry

Pastoral care is available either by contacting the church or the pastor directly. To contact the pastor, call the church office on 970-586-4404. If it is after hours or you get the answering machine, press 1 when directed by the announcement. You can also contact the pastor by submitting the request at the bottom of this page.

Our pastor is here to assist you with personal, life or spiritual concerns that you may have. Sometimes simply having someone listen as you share your story is extremely helpful as you discern the choices or questions before you.

Stephen Ministry

Our congregation’s Stephen Ministry equips lay people to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. That would include a wide range of ministry needs—grief, divorce, unemployment, hospitalization, loneliness, a spiritual crisis, financial stress, rehabilitation after an injury, terminal illness, relocation, long-term disability and countless other life difficulties. Each Stephen Minister typically serves one care receiver at a time and meets with that person once a week for about an hour. Men are matched with men and women are matched with women. The caring relationship lasts for as long as the need remains.

A Stephen Minister is:

  • A child of God who walks beside a person who is hurting
  • A lay person who has received 50 hours of training in providing emotional and spiritual care
  • A caring, Christian friend who listens, cares, prays, supports, and encourages but does not take the place of a professional counselor.

Our congregation has three Stephen Leaders – Dona Cooper (970-586-9458), Chuck Slicker (970-227-3188), and ten active Stephen Ministers.

The congregation plays an important role in Stephen Ministry. Here’s how:

  • Pray for God to bring hope and healing to hurting people through our Stephen Ministry.
  • Accept care from a Stephen Ministry during time of need.
  • Tell a friend, neighbor, coworker or relative who is hurting about our Stephen Ministry.

Send a prayer request: