Contribute to the ChurchContribute to the Foundation

We each have different talents and can contribute in different ways to support the life of the church. Much of the work of the church is done by people who volunteer their time, serve on various leadership committees, and do the tasks that are beyond the capabilities of the small staff. But it still takes money to operate and maintain the church and to fulfill our mission and outreach programs. That money comes from contributions made by church members and visitors. Most of this is made through fulfillment of pledges to the church for the annual operating budget and to the church foundation for the long-term endowment. Details are set out in the Budget and Finances and Foundation sections of this website.

The links on this page provide a convenient way to submit pledges to the church and the foundation, as well as a means for making contributions by credit card to both. The pledge forms and the contribution information will be sent directly to the church’s financial secretary and will not be seen by anybody else.

Payments processed through the links on this page are completed by a secure 3rd party processor,  The church does not see or store credit card information for any payments completed through this form.

Pledges and contributions made to the church support the current year’s operating budget.  Pledges and contributions made to the Foundation support the building of a long-term endowment and capital needs of the church that are beyond the reach of the annual operating budget.

Please speak with the Pastor, the church’s financial secretary, and any member of the church’s governing body, the session, if you have any questions or suggestions. All input is most welcome.