Rev. Dr. Christine Dempsey

Our pastor, Christine Dempsey is a second career pastor, having come to the ministry after a career as a professor of history at the  University of Nebraska.  As a historian, her work centered around the Protestant Reformation and history of the church, and this eventually helped her discern her call into ordained ministry.

Christine’s passions in the church include education, congregational care, and reading and the living the Word.  Having a background in teaching, Christine is passionate about how the Christian faith tradition has shaped our values and our identity as people called by God to action.  This way of looking at the world has caused her to look for the ways that we as the church can continue to impact the world as followers of Christ.  It is a lens that values our Christian heritage as well as looks out toward being a body that promotes good and peace and hope in our current age.

Christine has been married to Mike for 29 years and the couple has walked through the ministry in the church together.  They have two sons, Liam who recently graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Computer Science, and Cael, who is a sophomore at Alma College, in Alma, Michigan.  Cael is studying art and philosophy and participates on the Scot’s Wrestling Team.

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